Siteco® Service Box WiFi
Service Box Tool
Version: 4.02
 1.98 MB zip  
User manual
English 916.95 KB pdf   German 920.67 KB pdf  
Futurel® LED  
Bluetooth software for Futurel® LED
PC with Bluetooth adapter (Microsoft stack); WinXP, Win7, Win8 tested; without installation, copy into a folder with write access - files will be created dynamically
Version: 0.2
 1.99 MB exe  
PC tools
Siteco® Service Box updater
PC software for updating Siteco® Service Box
Version: 1.03 | data 2013/09/01
 1.39 MB zip  
Release Notes
Version: 1.03
 37.14 KB pdf  

Architainment Suite
PC software for the creation of parameter sets and sequences for Siteco PLUS LED outdoor luminaires
Version: 2.05 | data 2013/07/03
 3.48 MB zip  
Release Notes
Version: 2.05
 39.04 KB pdf  
Siteco® Service Box
Configuration file and luminaire settings for Siteco® Service Box
Version: 2013/09/01
 1 KB zip  
Release Notes
 14.94 KB pdf  

Latest software for Siteco® Service Box
Version: 2.08
 46.2 KB zip  
Release Notes
Version: 2.08
 12.87 KB pdf  

User manual
Version: 2.0
English 1.01 MB pdf   German 1.04 MB pdf  
Luminaire software
DL® 10 firmware
Version: 17.2
 11.66 KB zip  
Release Notes
Version: 17.2
 36.19 KB pdf  

Modul 520 PLUS firmware
Version: 15
 14.06 KB zip  
Release Notes
Version: 15
 24.65 KB pdf